Journey Stories


Presentations begin at 5:30 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and usually last 30 to 45 minutes
Admission is FREE

January 4- Riding with the Light Horsemen
Attorney Ken Rainbolt explores the role of the Choctaw Law Enforcement Officers

January 9- “The Road Less Traveled”
Jane Semple Umsted traces her family roots through Indian Territory and beyond

January 11- Circus! Circus! Circus!
David Ralls, once a Circus owner and now City Manager of the City of Hugo, Oklahoma, will speak on the history of the Circus in Southeastern Oklahoma

January 16- Ghost Towns of Bryan County (Part 1)
Local journalist and photographer Matt Swearingen and Ken Rainbolt will present a pictorial documentary of the lost towns that once were thriving in Bryan County.

January 18- Ghost Towns of Bryan County (Part 2)

January 23- “The French Connection”
The family of long time residents ,Betty and the late John Wakefield, will delve into their life’s journey and explain the role of art and music along the way

January 24- “The History and Excavation of the Steamboat “Heroin” c. 1832
John Davis, Director of the Ft. Towson Historical site, will speak on the history and excavation of the steamboat “Heroin” which sank in the Red River in 1838.

January 25- “All Aboard the Mercy Train”
Listen to this heartwarming story as historian William Hull of Ardmore explains the huge explosion that almost destroyed the town of Ardmore, and how medical personal boarded this steam locomotive in Gainesville, Texas to offer help and assistance to their Oklahoma neighbors.

January 30- School Days in Bryan County
Jan Walbaum of the Bryan County Genealogy Library will identify the original schools in the county..where they were..and who attended. Once there were more than 75 schools in the county.